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The illusion of being
By Ishtar
'Where are you my daughter?' The women shouts, her hair flies in the scented breeze like thin threads of gold.
A million stars reflected in her eyes as she looks to the night sky and asks,-where is my daughter ?
'Here mother in the darkness underground, in the unformed realms ,resting in your skeleton waiting to be you.'
'Where are you daughter?'
' I am every where mother in all the women, in their eyes of blue, brown and green, - I am what can be felt but not seen.
Mother do not cry for me. The seed must leave the flower and rest before my father wakes me with his light. We split then join our complement to become more .I must leave you for my consort now. But how can we ever truly separate?
Mother you and I shine with one light. I am the goddess the one whose eyes are alive, the one who is with out fear, the beautiful one, the one that is good.
The powerful one who guides the warriors to victory.
The gentle one, the   one who heals and soothes.
 I am the one that makes the female to desire the male, the male to desire the female, the male to desire the male, the female to desire the female.
 The blessed one.
 Call any of my thousand names e and you shall become me.
   Teach me to seduce with truth. Live in beauty and never die. '