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The Address To Ishtar

(Found on lion from Calah, now in the British Museum)

To the Lady of the land, the great lady, first in heaven and on earth,
the powerful queen of all the gods, whose word is honored (weighty)...,
whose form is surpassing among the goddesses,
the bright being, who like Shamash, her full brother,
surveys the ends of heaven (and earth) alike,
the powerful one (among) the Anunnaki, the first-born daughter of Anu,
the exceedingly great one of the gods,
who rules her enemies, going ahead,
stirring up the seas and troubling the hills;
the strong one of the Igigi, the lady of battle and combat,
without whom the sceptre (?) in E-sharra is unfavorable,
who allows victory to be attained,
who causes the heart to attain its desire, lover of righteousness,
who hearkens unto my prayer, who accepts supplication,
who recieves petitions; --- unto Ishtar,
the bright, the perfect, the mighty one,
who surveys heaven and earth,
whose name is named in all regions of the world,
the bestower of life, the merciful goddess, whose compassion (?) is gracious,
who dwells in the city of Calah, my lady (I) Assurnasir-pal, (do pray):
the king of hosts, the king without a rival,
the king of all four regions of the world,
the Sun of all peoples, the favorite of Enlil (Bel) and Urta,
the beloved of Anu and Dagan, the mighty one of the great gods,
the humble one, who is dear to thy heart, the prince who is thy favorite,
whose priesthood is pleasing to thy divinity and whose (kingdom) thou hast firmly established

Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia. Luckenbill