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Divine Feminine Transformation- Online Retreat

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Two Lessons Free!!! Who is the Goddess? Also, a quiz to find you own personal Goddess resonance. Find out more here Divine Feminine Transformation Courses or read on!

Course Summary

This course aims to holistically teach students about feminine spirituality through the universal icon of the goddess. In this seven module program we will examine how and why feminine spirituality is growing in popularity. This course hopes to empower students and help to heal people from some of the problems encountered by living in a masculine dominated world. This training aims to inspire and motivate women and men who want to change themselves and the world, through connecting with the goddess. This information hopes to make students feel good about their bodies and their sexuality.

The course delivers material that is founded on academically based information, meditations and pragmatic exercises for self-discovery. As well as these elements, there are movement instructions from Eastern dance, which are moving meditations to help bring the goddess into the physical body. The course is taught via rich, diverse and interactive content, which includes audios, videos, text and pictures, to keep students engaged and stimulated. All these elements in combination can be built up to provide a portfolio of self-discovery and transformation, which can be used to provide a tool kit for future use.

This course is suitable for both novices and experienced goddess seekers alike. The material informs, but also heals and aims to provide real results. This course is self-paced. Students can move on through lessons and modules at their leisure. After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

In the modern world many women are encouraged to be more masculine than feels right for them. It is however possible for women to be strong and successful, while maintaining a feminine approach to work and life.This course encourages women to be sucessful in what ever they choose to do in life.whether that be a stay at home mum, a business woman , an entertainer or an academic . This course is suitable for both novices and experienced goddess seekers alike. The material informs but also heals and aims to provide real results. This course is self-paced. Students can move on through lessons and modules at their leisure. After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and fully integrate each session.

The seven sessions will reveal powerful forces that become available to you when you invite each goddess into your mind, body and soul. Goddesses are real; indeed it often surprises those who are new to these techniques, how they have the power to support personal evolution relatively quickly and easily.

This course, if diligently adhered to, has the potential not only to inform about goddess philosophy, but can also help to improve finances, relationships, health, success, friendships, enjoyment of life, peace of mind, connection with divinity and a flowering of gifts and talents. This course aims to generate a sense of the sacredness of the body and all of life. The practical component of the course aims to enhance the lives of those who participate. At the end of the course students will have gained a range of practical technique’s to enhance well-being, confidence and training that aims to enhance both the person and the career aspects of life. The course also encourages feminine leadership techniques and practices in the workplace as well as in interpersonal relationships. This means creating a spirit of cooperation, compassion and connectivity in the macro and microcosmic aspects of our worlds.


In this seven module spiritual journey, you will be guided through seven dimensions of goddess activation as they manifest in the world. The body is used as the receiver of goddess energy. The modules utilise contemplation and training sessions that stand alone, but also build into a sequential journey of discovery and empowerment.

By the end of the course students will know a broad selection of goddesses, their cultural origins and magical and spiritual properties. Students will learn rituals and meditations for each category of goddess. Course participants will see how goddess spirituality is present in psychology, feminism, ecology, archaeology and anthropology. This course does not preach a religion and ideas can fit into the established religion of the learner or no religion, rather an awareness of the sacredness of life and the divinity of the body and all living phenomena. This course has a practical component that aims to enhance the lives of the students, encouraging self-belief, an enhanced appreciation of the natural world and an improved relationship to the physical body.

Miracles happen when you tune into goddess energy. She lends you her power and love, and brings alive your connection to the evolutionary Self, to others and to the physical universe. Once these channels are activated, you can continue to open and deepen the relationship to the goddess over time, infusing her enlightened qualities into your life in ever-profound ways.

By the end of the course students will:

• Know a broad selection of goddesses, their cultural origins and their magical and spiritual properties.

• Know unique Goddess rituals, meditations and movements for a variety of goddesses.

• Learn how goddess spirituality is present in feminism, ecology, archaeology, anthropology and psychology.

• Have gained a range of practical technique’s to enhance well-being and connectivity.

About your mentor- Ishtar Staunton

Ishtar has an MSc from The University of Middlesex London in; Spirituality Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology. She has a BA from John Moores University Liverpool in Applied Psychology and Women's Studies. She also has professional qualifications in teaching adults and Holistic Therapies (IIHHT).

Ishtar has taught Psychology in Adult education for over twelve years she has been teaching and speaking internationally on the subjects of healing and sacred dance for over twenty years. For the last two decades Ishtar has been running Goddess workshops and retreats in the UK, South of France and Spain. Ishtar has combined her knowledge of sacred and healing dance with her professional qualifications to provide retreats and workshops and similar events that are based on cooperation, creativity, altered consciousness and healing.Ishtar has been taught by a variety of international Middle Eastern and Indian dance teachers.She has performed and taught at many prestigious events as a dancer.

Ishtar has written courses with BSY in Feminine Spirituality, Shamanism and Psychology of Self.

Ishtar has made many TV and media appearances. She has also been featured in many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Women’s Own. She has been published in various English and American dance magazines. Articles on Goddess philosophy, dance and esoteric subjects published in a variety of publications.Ishtar has written courses with BSY in Feminine Spirituality, Shamanism and Psychology of Self.

Ishtar has been a professional Belly dancer and Bollywood dancer since 1998. Performing nationally and internationally and appearing on TV several times. She produced a successful instructional DVD and has a popular You Tube channel with over a million views (Queenishtar777).

What People are saying about Ishtar;

A switch is flipped on as I actually begin to understand and even revel in my female power...... realising that I have been well and truly inspired. l set off early on my journey home with a wonderful sense of empowerment, new companions, a heightened sense self-awareness and a stirring inner goddess.

Kindred Spirit - March /April 2010

Ishtar gently and respectfully challenges some of the harmful paradigms and assumptions underlying major religions of the Western world. In her capacities as artist and healer, Ishtar is able to raise our awareness on multiple levels of what we in the modern West have often lost sight of in our own history and ancestral sacred stories--the affirmation that human beings are part of a much larger Self encompassing all of life, Mother Earth, and the cosmos as a whole.

Professor Stephen Potthoff, CIncinatti, USA

About the goddess workshop -

I felt completely empowered by the positive energy it gave me. It helped me see I had a lot of negative energy that prevented me from fulfilling my potential and it affected my confidence. I changed my whole attitude for the good and I was able to start changing my career prospects and become a happy fulfilled person. Thanks a lot Ishtar!

Nicky Herring - Archaeologist

About The Goddess Retreat -

I am infinitely more open now I am touched by the experience and have made a strong connection to others.

Pam - Business Improvement Manager

I loved all the activities, in particular the sacred art of belly dance with a fire theme, Performing our dances with masks around a fire we had all made in such a magical location was amazing...

Debby Dutton - Councillor

An excellent five days exploring personal mythology and connecting with the natural environment. Brilliant setting, food and company. The dance, yoga and Jungian symbolism workshops made this a brilliant way to get away from the tidal forces of modern life.

Alan Jones - Psychiatric Nurse

I can't even describe how much my life has changed in the past five years, since I started your classes. You're a fantastic teacher, with endless patience for those trying to learn.

A Life less ordinaryIshtar reveals the spiritual side of dance...

Spirit and Destiny

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to participate in this adventure; it has nourished my soul and my body...

Gissella – Student

The Seven Modules

Module 1: Who is the Divine Feminine?

Who is the goddess? How can she help us? What frameworks should we use to study the divine feminine? We will look at the ancient/modern concept of the goddess. Here we will discover why and how she been hidden from history.

In this section you will discover which goddesses you resonate with and how you can connect with them?

This part of the course will focus on:

• Introduction to the study of The Divine Feminine

• The Psychology and study of the Divine Feminine

• Goddess Moves – Learn physical moves which bring in the energy of the divine feminine. These moves are designed to enhance emotional balance and vitality.

• Meet the Goddess - Guided Meditation to open your energy field to the goddess and experience initiation into the realms of the divine feminine.

Module Two: Goddess Empowerment

We all have our own heroic mission, how can we use the divine goddess templates to make our lives more productive and exciting?

In this module you will learn:

• Embodiment practices for goddess enlightenment.

• Meditation and ritual for self-love -This powerful healing ritual is for cleansing and self-love of the body.

• Rituals to the goddess – here you will learn previously unpublished, powerful and tried and tested rituals that will open up your heart and soul to the divine feminine.

• What benefits can goddess spirituality have on a personal and societal level?

• How can we unleash our own inner divine female?

• Circling Earth energy into the body. - Movement instruction.

• Cyber Goddess- Interactive Oracle - 24 hour lifetime access to an interactive goddess oracle, for times when you need fast online goddess guidance.

Module 3: Dual Goddess - Becoming the Divine Archetype

In this module we will explain who are the inner goddess and god. Practical advice and exercises are shown, including artistic suggestions and instructions to create your own personal channels to the goddess.


• The Dual Goddess of Dark and Light - the same goddess can be a warrior, a lover or a mother. Many are the same goddess divided into mother/ daughter, dark / light aspects.

• The Divine Feminine Shadow, who is she? How can she help illuminate our shadow or dark side, so we can use this aspect of ourselves positively?

• You will be presented with an exercise to find the Inner Divine Feminine Shadow and also Light Shadow.

• Meditation - replacing negative energy with positive energy. This guided meditation uses the archetype of the feminine elemental nature spirit.

Module 4: Love Goddess Transformation


• Who is the Love Goddess? We will look at a selection of erotic goddess and see how they can enhance, sexuality, personal attraction and confidence.

• Love Goddess.

• Finding the Self in the Body.

• Feel Beautiful-Guided Goddess Meditation for Self Love.

• Goddess dance exercise.

• The Divine Male/Female– Meeting the Inner Lover for empowerment and guidance.

• What does love mean to you?

• Ritual for increased sexual allure.

Module Five: Warrior Goddess Transformation

Sometimes in life we have to be strong, we have to address problems; at times we may have no choice but to be a warrior. In this module we will look at a range of international warrior goddesses. This category of goddess has the potential to lead us in the inner battles we may have with insecurity and lack of self-worth. The warrior goddess can open the way to a more productive and assertive life.

In this module we will explore:

• A spectrum of Warrior Goddesses.

• The creation of personalised Warrior Goddess Cards.

• A meditation and ritual for Goddess Empowerment.

• Warrior Vision quest.

• The Mantra of the Tibetan Goddess - Green Tara and Tara Meditation.

• Trance Dance - Warrior transformation through the body.

• Ritual for inner strength.

Module 6: Mother Goddess Transformation

We will look at a range of goddesses that can bring nurturing and care into our lives.

We will examine;

• Embodiment - loving and truly inhabiting the body.

• Exercise to embody the goddess.

• Ritual for personal nurturing.

• A selection of Mother Goddesses.

• Stone Circle, Mother Goddess - Moving Meditation.

• Goddess Chakra Meditation.

• Meditation and Rituals for the Mother Goddess.

• Dance Earth Work.

Module 7: Future - Ancient Goddess.

We will look at a range of goddesses that teaches ways to transform reality through the power of words, magic and intention. The goddess comes to us from ancient times, but she is now being resurrected because our world needs her, due to the damage inflicted by humans. We will discuss evidence for this and examine ways to contribute to this movement that has no book, leaders or rules.

In this section we will learn:

• How goddess philosophy ties in with ideas on ecology and the importance of this mental shift for universal and personal health.

• The Past and Present Goddesses.

• Goddess Epoch-an egalitarian time. Once humans lived in a peaceful and idyllic time, this was when the goddess ruled. It is possible to live like this again.

• How to lead like a Goddess - Public speaking and performance - Guided Meditation.

• How to create a powerful Personalised Goddess Oracle.

• Turning like a Goddess - dance as an expression of inner revolution.

• A powerful ritual for enhanced personal power.

Divine Feminine Transformation Courses