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Sacred Wales tour ‘Water and Stone’ 

Take a pilgrimage into the sacred sites of Wales. We will visit magical wells, Neolithic sites and ancient Celtic Christian buildings. This tour will introduce people to the sacred nature of North Wales; the stunning landscape will be enjoyed as we journey to the various places. In this trip, we will we will travel as far as Anglesey  - in the past the home of a sacred Druid community. We will visit and enter a Neolithic burial chamber (one of the most famous in Europe). Some places we visit are not open to the public.

We can also  take groups or individuals on tours to these places , contact us for a quote.

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Burial chamber

If deposit is paid, full amount to be paid within one week of trip.

Call 07944564302 for inquiries.

Visiting these sites will involve short walks, but for this trip we are not doing anything too strenuous. However, it may not be suitable for people with limited mobility. We will conclude our journey with a meal in the sixteenth-century pub, ‘The Kings Head’-Famous for their large wooden sculptures of the goddess and the green man.

Bookings will be turned off when trip is full.

Your guide Peter is of Welsh origin and lived in this area for ten years, where he discovered many little known and hard to get to wells and monuments. He has spent a lifetime researching the ancient sites of Britain and Ireland. Ishtar will lead a short meditation and ritual (for those who want to) In one or more of the Neolithic monuments.

Wales is a country of timeless myths, magic, and legends. These beautiful lands are strewn with memorials in stone from over 5,000 years ago- the times of the great Neolithic builders. Some of the best unspoilt ancient sites in the world can be found throughout Wales.
As we explore the magnificent hills and valleys, we will encounter fascinating characters from Welsh mythology, the most famous being Merddyn. The deep green hills held the holy groves of the Druids, and the ritualistic springs of the Triple Goddess. The caves hold memories of the hermits and seers who once lived there.

We can never really know the essence of early religion or the mindset of ancient people. This trip will give you some tantalising insights and experiences of primaeval British spirituality. We hope participants will feel healed as well as educated from their visit to sacred North Wales and enjoy discussing their insights with the like-minded people on the trip.