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 Divine Feminine Archetypes Retreats and Workshops  - Dance, Healing, Creativity & Personal Growth and Ritual

No conscious artistic or dancing ability necessary. Designed for healing, confidence building, psychic. sexual healing, and empowerment


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Feel empowered, feel strong & connect to the divine feminine energy within you!       

A switch is flipped on as I actually begin to understand and even revel in my female power......  realizing that I have been well and truly inspired. l set off early on my journey home with wonderful a sense of empowerment, new companions; a heightened sense self-awareness and a stirring inner goddess. Kindred Spirit Read more of Kindred Spirit review


Your journey will be inspired by a variety of teachings such as Hinduism, Shamanism, and Paganism, allowing you to connect to feminine spirituality through the icon of the goddess.

What to expect:

·    Initiation Ceremony- Raising goddess vibration Priestess Work

  • Stretching & Breath Work
  • Jungian archetypes and the inner Goddess
  • Goddess Cards
  • Trance dance for healing, detoxing and removal or negative energy projections.
  • Sacred Dancing to cultivate goddess energy  (Belly dance & Indian
  • Goddess Moving Meditation
  • Goddess Meditation
  • Goddess Chanting
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Explore Goddess Philosophy
  • Mask Making
  • Sculpt your own goddess
  • Serpent Power -kundalini and snake dance    


For all types of women

ALL women of ALL ages and types can benefit from this confidence building workshop. Using dance and other creative mediums, we will look at what is stopping us from expressing our sensual nature. We will look at techniques and meditations to look feel and believe we are the goddesses we were born to be. We often get caught up in daily routine and forget ourselves.

We all have a heroic mission in life and there are methods to help us find this. This workshop is for all women who want to spend time finding out what this is, by accessing the power of the Goddess within. 

In this workshop, we will explore certain myths and archetypes that we can relate to and through this reveal our inner goddess who will enhance and promote our self-esteem and how we feel about ourselves.

Unleash the  Goddess Within!

Using various transpersonal techniques such as meditation, visualization, creativity, movement, costume, and ritual.We will create a safe magical space for you to indulge in your glorious nature to express your divine Self and truly feel like a Goddess. 

Healing Through Divine Archetypes.

 We will use as our tools,- Dance, meditation, visualisation, gentle questioning, storytelling, writing art and ritual. Each day will have a varied dynamic agenda. You will learn to reprogram yourself to transform into the person you instinctively know you could be. Easily, in a way that will feel like enjoyment. These methods are assessable to all people including the most and least intellectual/creative.

Workshops will Explore,-

* What is an Aspect of self or Archetype?                                                                                                                                                                                  

* How does one know what Aspects or Archetypes one has?

   How to connect with your inner lover for guidance.

·  How to heal the wounded inner child and other parts of yourself

·  How to access the real you by learning from the other side of yourself

Divine archetypes are beings that exist as energetic templates they are the heroic divine and beautiful aspects of the human being. They exist in the collective unconscious where it is possible to ‘plug in ‘to their reality and connect and be influenced by them. Theology, science, philosophy and psychology, explain why it is possible to be moved and influenced by higher beings.  I suggest practical steps and provide a variety of suggestions to suit different individuals.

 Ishtar's Biography

Ishtar’s has an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal psychology, where she completed a dissertation on spiritual dance. Ishtar has BA in Psychology and Women’s’ Studies and professional qualifications in teaching adults and Holistic therapies.

Ishtar has been published in many journals on a variety of subjects including healing dance, shamanism, and feminine spirituality. Her courses on Psychology of Self, Shamanism and Divine Feminine Spirituality are published by the international correspondence school,-The British School of Yoga. Ishtar’s grandparents were professional world class dancers performing and running a dance school together, Ishtar learned her first dance steps from her grandmother. 

Ishtar has led many retreats and workshops in the UK and abroad using creative, psychological and alchemical techniques, to draw down the energy of the divine feminine.Ishtar has been dancing since she was five and has learned a variety of styles, eventually specializing in Belly Dance and Bollywood dance She has which she has taught and performed professionally for twenty-five years.

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Various workshops, processions, and rituals. 

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You will discover;

The sensuality and beauty of Aphrodite, the power and magic of Isis, the pure love of Kuan Yin. Lakshimi who sees the spirit that lives in the material world and gives to all those who humbly ask. The forgiveness and unconditional love of the Catholic 'Our Lady' and the eroticism and wisdom of her sister Mary Magdeline. The shapeshifting of the Morrigan and the warrior spirit of Durga and Ishtar. We will work with the purifying aspects of Kali and the primal nurturing of the Venus of Wilendorph. See the reality of oneness between the dark and light sides, through the love of Demeter and Persephone.

Ishtar and guest teachers host dance /goddess/ workshops as well as involving psychological process, for self-discovery and personal empowerment.

We will use as our tools

,-Dance, meditation, visualization, gentle questioning, storytelling, writing art and ritual.

 Each day has a varied dynamic agenda.

These transformational techniques can help you into the person you instinctively know you could be. It is possible to do this in a fun way that is perhaps is at times challenging, boundary-expanding and transformational. These methods are accessible to all people, including the most and least intellectual/creative.

A fab balance between retreat and pure unadulterated fun!" Pam Wilde- Business Improvement Manager


This retreat has been one of the most positive life changing events I have ever experienced-It couldn't’ have been better." Sue Pye Research chemist

Ishtar took us on some amazing emotional journeys which freed our psychological blockages and took us back to our original childlike nature."

which freed our psychological blockages and took us back to our original childlike nature."With love, Una xxx "Una Hegarty 'Holistic therapist.

I thought all your workshops were well planned and put together. Very interesting, informative and challenging. The dance classes excellent, as always.You put a lot of hard work and energy into every aspect of that retreat, and it showed! I also found it excellent value for money! I must also mention what a lovely group of people! That made the whole experience for me particularly enjoyable.Never having don

I have never done this type of retreat before, I was a bit worried whether or not I would like it. In fact, I loved it! I found it to be informative, challenging and a great deal of fun. It puts a smile on my face thinking what a good time I had. In fact, pencil me in for next year I'd love to go again !" Mandy Morgan (Barber)

Ishtar took us on a Spiritual Trip, through the exploration of the Goddess within us. Surrounded by a mountainous setting in rural Spain -Samantha Tritton (Dancer).

The retreat did me good because it was a fun and interesting holiday in good company and I now feel I can make a start on getting back to my normal lifestyle. The trance dance gave me a sense of strength and tranquillity, which is still with me. "Debby Morgan ( solicitor).

When I hurt my foot and was unable to dance (just before attending the retreat) I thought that I would just be sunbathing. However, a lot of the work was about psychological process and empowerment games

I feel I benefited greatly from this. I have felt great since the Goddess retreat. I never realised that I had no time to assess what is going on in my life. In the presence of really nice people. I have had

 the space to develop my goals and plans for the future. I am pleased to say the changes are affecting my life in very meaningful ways. I have since lost a lost weight and have had some very prestigious business proposals. Jeannie Woodbridge  (Fashion designer)

"Ish, I just want to say a big thank you for organising such an amazing experience.. I cannot put into words how great I feel after it all...You are amazing.....and so was everyone in the group... " Carole Gould (financial advisor).

Read detailed review by Lilith

 I am infinitely more open now I am touched by the experience and have made a strong connection to others."  Pam Business improvement manager.

 I loved all the activities, in particular, the sacred art of belly dance with a fire theme, performing our dances with masks around a fire we had all made in such a magical location was amazing..." Debby Dutton-Councillor

 An excellent five days exploring personal mythology and connecting with the natural environment. Brilliant setting, food,and company.The dance, yoga and Jungian symbolism workshops made this a brilliant way to get away from the tidal forces of modern life." Alan Jones( psychiatric nurse.)

feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to participate in this adventure, it has nourished my soul and my body... Gissella (Student

I have had the most amazing and beautiful time on retreat in Spain, dancing, rituals and workshops with  Ishtar. Feeling like a goddess, what an amazing group


of women. (Maria Gornel) Writer/Poet.
I had a life changing experience at Ishtar's retreat, I am very grateful for this transformational experience.   Sophie Archard. (Bid Writer).




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