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Ishtar Bellydance

General & Performance Endorsements

Jane Marsden It was so much fun, a giggle too! What an amazing teacher you are! Thank you for taking us on! (Claire House staff wellbeing event)

Ishtar is spectacular, and we are completely mesmerized and inspired by her incredible belly dance routine... I feel as Ishtar, so unashamedly sexy and gorgeous, encourages us all to celebrate, love and experience how good it feels to be a woman.  

Kindred Spirit 

Ishtar is an amazing teacher who really helped me to be in my body more and claim my feminine power, classes are also fun and great work out. <3  Maria Gornell

Hello Ishtar, Thank you again for your performance  Friday evening at St James church  Everyone enjoyed your performance and you were the highlight of the evening.

All best wishes m Lesley McLellan

 Look forward to having you back Paula it was a powerful experience xxx Sara Mc Bride Kapucia

Had the most incredible day at Kapucias Transformational Goddess Ceremony wow !!! Met some amazing kindred spirits and strong beautiful ladies!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Ishtar  Staunton and Sarah McBride for hosting such a fabulous day feeling blessed to have been a part of something so truly transformational!


'Ishtar Wirrals own Goddess'. Wirral Globe.

Dear Ishtar,Thank You so much for coming to work with the Guides this evening. Your teaching skills were fabulous and you captured the imagination of even the most reluctant girls to take part and engage with the dancing. I have never seen them so quiet and so engaged with an activity before. They all had a really fabulous evening. The way in which you gently showed them how to do the dancing and carefully explained the culture behind the dance was brilliant and all of the girls have now ticked off one of the clauses of their culture badge. Thanks again. Revd Jane Turner, 1st Thurstaston Guides, St Chad’s Church, Roslin Rd,Irby,Wirral

' Love you Ishtar, love all the loving confidence you give to other Women of all ages. 'Margi Clarke (Soap/film star.)

These sessions are great fun. There is a lovely atmosphere and I always leave feeling really re-energized, like I can take on the world! I am naturally quite a shy person and had worried beforehand about feeling self-conscious but these fears quickly went at my taster session. No special clothes are needed just something that you feel comfortable in, although I'd recommend trousers (leggings or jogging/yoga bottoms). It's great for toning up & a natural confidence booster. Don't feel worried if you are going alone as I do and most of the other ladies seem to be. Also, there is a mix of ages, shapes & sizes so please don't let body image put you off. I really enjoy the well-earned 'me time' hour although my son doesn't appreciate me practising in the kitchen!! ' 

Dear Paula,

Good morning. It's with great honor and pleasure that I write to you this morning, on behalf of Global Visionary Women Network and Voice of Nations, to express my most profound and heartfelt gratitude to you.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for attending and speaking at our Symposium, and contributing towards its success! We are very grateful and thank you once more for accepting and honoring our invitation to come and speak at the Symposium. We very much honored and cherished every moment and precious time you spent with us and would like to say thank you very much! Sylvia Forchap

Thanks for performing at  Liverpool Pride,  it was amazing!  Niall Spierin Re: Liverpool Pride.

Thank you so much for being a brilliant teacher and empowering us when not feeling tip are beautiful, intuitive and amazing at what you do, especially making people feel at ease. So important. I always feel transformed when I leave your classes. Thank you, you are a  lovely woman. Susan Morgan xxxx

Paula (Ishtar) is a great Belly dancer and teacher. Best person to help with your feelings. Even if you go to just watch one of their shows. Uma Ramanathan (Brohuaha).

Thank you for providing a professional and high-quality contribution to the Walton Festival. I now have the dates for next year I hope you can work for us again. Liz Lamb coordinator Walton Festival

I have been healed from your classes. I have been to others and the high standard of your teaching, healing and friendliness are not comparable I have gained is much from your classes more than self-help books and counseling.Thank you. Sue Pye (Chemist /dancer). 

I really enjoyed last night and feel so much better already. Lovely group of women so much connection and you are a wonderful teacher. xx Maria Gornell

Hi Ishtar Just realised I didn't email you to say thank you for dancing/teaching at my hen party last week. It was definatly the best party I have ever had, and I wanted to thank you for playing such a big part in it's success....

 Love Jennifer Aka Princess Jasminex

i would like to thank you very very very much of your performance at our wedding, it was amazinggg! I was very happy
of what you done to me you and the zaffa. i was so stressed but you made me to relax
thank you very much please keep in touch Reem xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Egyptian wedding.)

Hi Ishtar! Once again many thanks for your support for the evening , the ladies and staff loved
it. Dawn  Macmillan Gynae -Oncology and Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Liverpool Womens Hospital.

Thanks Ishtar ! I'm sure we made the Goddess happy like the crowd who supported us and lapped it up at Modo! - Please let’s do another one - you’re a great manifester, love you, Margi x Film star/singer

Great feedback, very good from the gigs so far, good team and lots of positive energy which is rare. Gary x Gary Everett director of Homotopia, talking about Lavender club group- Ishtar, Lady Shaun and Alan Cross.

 …….. Ishtar is mesmerised by the Egyptian culture and her love for belly dancing has led her to explore this further and produce great dance routines. ….The students were thrilled-... Thanks to Ishtar the feedback from the students was very positive and they absolutely loved her friendly nature, moves and interaction-

Shereen Shaw

'I think we have just witnessed something really special ...You have left a lasting impression '. David Hoyle performance artist.

Hi Ishtar, Thank you once again for coming along to perform, everyone really liked you. I really appreciate it. Wesley Pollit  Firecracker Films (Gypsy wedding)

'Ishtar was most encouraging and after carefully explaining what belly dancing was all aboutcoaxed Ladybirds onto their feet and showed us how to make the movements.

Ishtar moved around us and then had us move around her. I have to say I found it fascinating !'  Wallasey Ladybirds.


 Lovely meeting you   and seeing your lovely dance.  Of course we will have you back.    Anne White

Ishtar's performance ranged from a  Khaleegi style opener to a dynamic sword dance with floorwork. Very entertaining. NADA magazine

I can't even describe how much my life has changed in the past five years, since I started your classes. You're a fantastic teacher, with endless patience for those trying to learn

Hi gang,  Thank you all so much !!! 

It was an amazing show and the feedback was fantastic. You were all
brilliant and  made Liverpool Pride 2011 an event to remember. Roll on Pride
Much Love
Debbie Boyd x

Hi Ishtar,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help .......
David Cheesman
Just to let you know that your show is going out this weekend, it will be on this Saturday on BBC2 at 12.20pm.
its a great episode and the dancing looks amazing.
(referring to filming belly dance instruction )

Thanks so much.Ishtar. My clients loved your performance. and we will talk soon. Take care James
 You added a great dimension to the evening   Kind regards,  Laura Donegan  Dance Development Officer    The Brindley Arts Centre 
Ishtar bellydancer,-Fabulous! Sahir house fundraiser Serena Cavana

Thanks for performing Ishtar that was great!  Colleen Rooney  Celebrity 

thanx again for your performance, it was great and everyone loved Shahad Abbas Iraqui Wedding.

Thank you so much for yesterday. You really made the day special, you are so marvellous. Sylvia
Just wanted to say a massive thanks for last night.   I thought you did a great performance ....  I will definitely use you again for bigger events.
Thanks again!  Paula xx Paula Stewart  Artist Management & Club Promotions

Thanks for such a wonderful class – it is magic and you are such a powerful teacher and it is lovely that we are finally both coming again!

Dear Ishtar,
I really wanted to thank you in person tonight for coming down to the Beatles Story to do such beautiful dancing over the weekend. Thank you again for giving your time and positive energy - it was wonderful to have you there, and you looked gorgeous. .... Love,
Ann x Special Exhibitions Curator  The Beatles Story Ltd.
,,A switch is flipped on as I actually begin to understand and even revel in my female power......  realising that that  I have been well and truly inspired. l set off early on my journey home with wonderful a sense of empowerment, new companions; a heightened sense self-awareness and a stirring inner goddess.
Kindred Spirit March /April 2010 Read more of Kindred Spirit review

It's Louisa here from the barefoot festival. I never got the chance to say thank you to you or good bye or how amazing your performance was. Thank you so much, I heard really good things about your workshop too. Thanks once again for making a wonderful contribution to the festival.
with love  Louisa

 Hi, would you come and dance at our Eid party. Everybody loves you! We would love to book you again.  Sabra- Wirral change/ Wirral Islamic women’s group.

Hi Ishtar, Good to meet you My name's Becky, I met you at Goddess Camp this weekend. I took your bellydance workshop, which was fantastic. I have attended a number of different bellydance workshops over the last year or so and yours was, by far, the best. It was the most fun and, even though it felt very short, I learned so much. I could have spent all day with you. Also your lovely comments about my style of dancing have improved my confidence too. Thank You so much. I am hoping to get in touch about having a couple of private lessons too. Becky


The client was really pleased with your performance last night and you seem like a lovely lady...   Laura- owner of Exposure agency

..Also just to say thanks for a lovely day, I especially appreciate the information, advice, and guidance you provided and shared with us. Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity. Kind Regard  Sue Pye (research Chemist) (Referring to the Love Goddess workshop)

 Ishtar reminds us of the importance and value of goddess and nature-based indigenous religious traditions which have characterized the majority of human history and civilizations from the Paleolithic to the present.

, Ishtar gently and respectfully challenges some of the harmful paradigms and assumptions underlying major religions of the Western world. In her capacities as artist and healer, Ishtar is able to raise our awareness on multiple levels of what we in the modern West have often lost sight of in our own history and ancestral sacred stories--the affirmation that human beings are part of a much larger Self-encompassing all of life, Mother Earth, and the cosmos as a whole.
Professor Stephen Potthoff   CIncinatti USA

Ishtar shocked and  entertained with her own brand of bellydance and singing...

 Your grace, professionalism and tireless dedication brings out the best in the creative community.
Jean Peirre Magalour"Cultural photographer

I recieved your information package today. You are a bundle of dynamite exploding everywhere, a true performer. I enjoyed watching your energy and presence as you commanded the stage.
I will keep you informed with the ''Bellydance'' TV Program progess.
Take care,
Stairway Entertainment California

Unique transgender  Festive Winter Weekend Ishtar  Bellydancer Ishtar begins her performance in spectacular style  http;//

You always blow me me away away with your vitality and enthusiasm. Una (dancer.) 

A Life less ordinary.. Ishtar reveals .,the spiritual side of dance ..Spirit and Destiny

In the many years ( 9/10 ) since I joined your Belly Dance Class 
 at the Hotel Victoria ( R.I.P ), you have taught me so much and 
 given me the amazing opportunities to participate in so many of 
 the performances, events and workshops that you have organised, 
 and been involved in, and I want you to know how important 
Bellydancing and you are to me. Carole Gould (Lilith)

We thoroughly enjoyed Sunday, and the women so loved you; they got so much out of it, and realise the standards, aesthetics, stamina and dedication that needs to be worked for! ;) Your positivity and buoyancy, playfulness, and honesty really charmed them ! It was refreshing for them. We'll have you back down again!!!!! Maureen Pemerton dance teacher/performer/Writer

Ishtar BellydanceIshtar is a fabulous dancer from Merseyside and is a great believer in dancing being mind, body and soul. I have had the opportunity to attend a few of her workshops when she came to North Wales a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Through her workshops I developed confidence, to belly dance and express myself in my own style, and not be afraid to experiment with moves. When the opportunity came to visit New Brighton for her "Dancing in heels" workshop, I was a bit scared as I had never belly danced in heels before. But I was up for having a go and was in for a pleasant surprise... Review from Mosaic By Eirlys Hughes Workshop - Dancing in Heels

You are truly committed to perfection of form - that is what I regard as a truly spiritual approach to life. Dr. Helen Ford MD healer/teacher/writer

I had the distinct pleasure of attending both a lecture and a performance by the Liverpool-based artist, Ishtar. Ishtar's lecture was an insightful and non-threatening primer on goddess religion. Her knowledge and magnetism quickly drew in the predominantly Christian audience at this rural Ohio college. Ishtar wove history, myth, her personal beliefs, and the writing of Marx and Engles into a comprehensive critique of the status quo - all the while never alienating but thoroughly captivating the listeners. Her performance the following night was as enjoyable as her lecture. Slides of historical artwork depicting various female deities cycled on a screen to one side as Middle Eastern music floated through the darkened room. Finally Ishtar arrived and began a very high-energy show of dancing, singing, and good-natured teasing of the crowd. It was an unforgettable evening. Tony Talbot  Lecturer Wilmington Cincinatti USA

Hi Ishtar, Many thanks for the performance you gave last night. The feedback from the club was tremendous. Best Regards, Ken Rose  Ken Rose entertainment and theatrical agency.  

Ishtar danced wonderfully and imaginatively at the show. Her dance style is orientated towards performance and creative self expression. West Midlands World dance group.  

Hi Ishtar, Thanks for your dancing on Saturday, as usual you brought the house down!  



Ishtar BellydanceDear Ishtar, Thanks for your dancing and singing at the Peace one day activity, it was appreciated and enjoyed by all. Hope Merseyside CND

You were wonderful at the S.T.A.R. gig. The performance was great, really enjoyed it very much. Really, your dance gave me More power and sight energy (as I call it), was wonderful and great.  


  I miss bellydancing but you do need  sometime off when i grow up i want to be just like you when i am older  i got all the belts for it anyway lots of love from kayleigh  

Ishtar Bellydance Dear Ishtar, I was chatting to Jo Logan from Prediction about an article I am writing, during our conversation I remarked that I found your article to be outstanding and of very high calibre..... With all good wishes, Howard G Charing (Eagles wing) Jacqui x Initiative Factory, Casa, Hope St., Liverpool L1




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Ishtar Bellydance

Schools, Community Groups & Corporate Endorsements

Dear Ishtar, Just wanted to thank you again for a great afternoon, we all really enjoyed it.   When we got back up to the ward, everybody was talking about it and the nursing staff were saying that all the women thought it was really great and beneficial for them.  Sophie, Alice and myself thought it was great too, have to say though we were all really tired - you have got some stamina!!....... With very best wishes Lisa Lisa Gould Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, Broadoak, Broadgreen hospitalLiverpool.

I’m so glad I asked you to come and do a workshop for us… my instincts were right. You have such a liberating and happy way, which really feeds into your dance style and the way you teach. You also have such a wealth of stuff to share and I as well as my students appreciate that. Guinivere Clark - Dancer/teacher/poet


Hi Ishtar, ...we were extremely happy with the session you provided and the students thoroughly enjoyed it. Kindest regards,   Alison Cottenham Enrichment Team Leader Liverpool Community College, Clarence St, Liverpool, L3 5TP
Sue Stott Teacher at Millfields Primary School, Wirral.



Ishtar BellydanceThe workshop you did for the women in the refuge was very successful. Rita Keeling St Helen's Women's Aid


We are all delighted you're coming to dance for us all for the One World event on Saturday. I think your dancing is the most popular part of the day! Paul, Helen and all at One world and Community Learning Network. Liverpool 8

 ..Ishtar worked with two classes of 60 children, her management skills were excellent, the children, some of whom have problems concentrating, were highly motivated.. We wholeheartedly recommend Ms Ishtar to you. The children and staff are looking forward to doing another workshop with her. Mrs J Simms Yr 3 teacher St Annes's( Stanley) C.E Primary School Liverpool L13

Re: Team building workshop for R.S.P.C.A . The day took various strands including relaxation and trust exercises Ishtar's enthusiasm and motivational skills coupled with her sense of humour and sensitivity ensured that the team building day was a resounding successLesley Banowich Regional Education Team R.S.P.C.A
Thank you for a enjoyable dance workshop every one at WHISC has said how much they enjoyed the session.  

Ishtar Bellydance We have got our Multi-Cultural week coming up in June this year and as you, Pete and Mick made last years week so special we would really like the three of you to come back again. This year we have got the full five days and there would be a performance on the Friday afternoon. ..we would love for you all to be involved for the whole week - is this possible? - I really appreciate this and I hope you are all available because you really made our end of term something very special last year and we would love you to have an impact on our youngsters again. Looking forward to hearing from you.Tracy xx Capenhurst Grange, Wirral.


 I asked Ishtar to facilitate a discussion on Islam and Motherhood for a course I was running at the university of East Anglia, Ishtar conducted the workshop with aplomb. She impresses me as a talented, able woman who is keen to empower and enable others. Vicky Harris Lecturer in Social Work

 St Helen's Women's Aid Service User.

Barbara Moon Sefton Women and Childrens Aid

 Hi! First of all, thank you so much for the session you did for us on the 4th. Everyone rang me on Monday morning to say how good it made them feel . . .  


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Ishtar Bellydance

Club Orientation Nights & Classes/Workshops Endorsements

Just wanted to say what a great time I had on Sunday at the Gothica Erotica workshop! The day was really fun, loved chatting to people I hadn't met before and sharing the experience of learning a new dance - scary, but so rewarding when you realise what you've achieved by the end of the day! And a great workout to boot! The choreography was fantastic - dark, sumptuous and full of sexy intrigue! Can't wait for the performance when we can all be dark goddesses for the night! Thanks to Ishtar for the wonderful moves, and to everyone at the workshop for being supportive and a great laugh.  Scarlett Dark waters

  Hiya Thanks for such a wonderful workshop yesterday, it was so enjoyable and just great to have the opportunity to bask in the glory of being a woman! It helps that the women that come to the workshops are so bloody great and interesting, open-minded and non-judgemental. Love, Kerry x

Just a quick note to say how much we all enjoyed the workshop today - my friends all thought you were great and hope to meet up with you again. They really liked your style - the way you lead the workshop and they all felt they got a lot out of it. I feel great, it really was just what I needed. Much love to you all. Diana Jones xxx Occupational therapist (Denbighshire) Just wanted to get in touch and say a huge "Thank You" for inviting us to the event last night. We had a wonderful time, met some lovely people and sales weren't bad either! You've actually converted my friend Pam, who is seriously considering taking up belly dancing classes, after seeing the spectacular perfomances during the evening. Hope to see you soon, Take Care, Ayesha x Just like thank u and Pete for another magical evening. Your costumes where brilliant and, as always, your dancing. I have been speaking to several of the girls today and they really enjoyed themselves. Thanks so much for the time and effort that you put in for us students with your great choreographers and giving us the chance to perform and making us feel special. Lots of love, Barb

Ishtar Bellydance

Wow, what a fantastic afternoon.  I really enjoyed the mixture of Bolly and Belly Dance.  It was fast and furious (although I am sure I heard Ishtar say it was medium paced!) Anyone contemplating taking part in a workshop should go for it!  Be prepared for some hard work, but the resulting feeling of achievement makes all the effort worthwhile.  I have always said that you get out what you put in and I can vouch for the fact that I put my all into Sunday (although it did slow down a bit towards the end!) and find myself dancing bits of the choreography in all sorts of strange places. Thanks to Ishtar for all the efforts she puts in - not just in the workshops, but in the weekly classes as well.  We just turn up and are taught, but I know a lot of work is done behind the scenes in order to make it all look easy!

Marge Hughes

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 In the many years ( 9/10 ) since I joined your Belly Dance Class at the Hotel Victoria ( R.I.P ), you have taught me so much and given me the

 amazing opportunities to participate in so many of  the performances, events and workshops that you have organised, and been involved in, and I want you to know how important 
 Bellydancing and you are to me.
 Thank you,  Lilith ( Carole ) xxxxx


Of all the people in my life I have ever met you have shown me a way to express myself. You are in my mind a lot, and always when I feel stressed - in the nicest possible way - especially at work and with my children. Love Sue (Sue Comaish)

Hello Ishtar, Thanks very much. I am looking forward to the costumes. You are a great inspiration for many women. Cheers, Thanks, Happy summer. Sincerely, BarbaraAlison Cottenham Enrichment Team Leader Liverpool Community College, Clarence St, Liverpool, L3 5TP  

Hi Ishtar Thank you again for another wonderful performance night (and for giving me the opportunity to perform). As always you brought the house down, I was mesmerized by your sword dance (gotta get me one of those!) and thought that the white feather costume was very cheeky!!!!! And the dance with just the drums wore me out just to watch – so much energy, my heart was pounding. Please pass on my regards to all the other performers for last night. See you soon. Love always, Paula H xxx

Just to say thank you for all the encouragement you give me during the lessons, and to say how much I love you, for being true to who you are, but also for also having such as a powerful personality,but not exploiting anything or anybody. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you know what you mean to me, and everyone else in your classes. Thanks again, blessed be, Lots of love Sian

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your classes... I really like the fact that you're into the whole philosophy and spirituality of 'belly dancing' - it really enhances the experience have some understanding of the origins and rituals that is the inspiration for it all... Sincerely, Jan Booth

 Thank you for such a truly life affirming experience. You are fucking awesome. That was the best workshop I've attended and I'm only sorry you're so far from here otherwise I'd be at your class every week. I'd appreciate the dates of any upcoming workshops you have planned. It'll be good to dance with you again. I'm going to take my exhausted but blissfull body to bed now before I fall over. With blessings and love, Deborah X Dancer/Teacher

“I enjoyed the goddess workshop. I not only sensed I needed to go but I felt completely empowered by the positive energy it gave me. It helped me see I had a lot of negative energy that prevented me from fulfilling my potential and it affected my confidence. I changed my whole attitude for the good and I was able to start changing my career prospects and become a happy fulfilled person. Thanks a lot Ishtar!” Nicky Herring

Thanks a lot we really enjoyed last night at the Camel club. You are very talented girl. Also tell Sue that we really enjoyed it and was very well organised. Love Vijay Kumar Bollywood actor/ filmmaker

The sense of female solidarity I felt at your class, the sense of oneness with the Godess,was so intense that it stayed in me for days. Thank you, walk with the Godess always. Bev AspinalThank you very much for all of the classes you have done this year. The feedback has been excellent and it's always nice to see a full studio. Robbie Birchall Hearts Health Club

..As for the belly dancing, I didn't know getting fit could be so much fun. In the past when I used to go to aerobics classes the only thing I used to look forward to was getting a take away on the way home. With belly dancing I feel so enthusiastic that I'm actually looking forward to the lesson itself, part of me is still on a high from Saturday. This morning I have posted a cheque off to you to order a DVD so that I can practise at home in between lessons. Regards, Sue Wilson

I just want to thank you again for wonderful day. I have been on several self-development courses over the years, this was different. I knew it would be different but you exceeded my expectations. Although it was not run as a 'serious' event and 'fun' was an intended component, for me it did work at a 'serious', or deep level. Suzanne G

Hi there! I just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshop the other Sunday - both Karen and I had an absolutely fantastic time - what a truly liberating experience... Andrea Bibby

Ishtar Bellydance You are an amazing person, a great teacher and performer I have learnt so much from you and I am glad we have met... Carol Gould Dancer/weight loss consultant

Thank you for enlightening me and my sister Lynne. We were very impressed by your performance. We are trying to find peace together after my mum died, it is hard, but just going to your class in the last 2 weeks has meant that all other thoughts are cleared from my mind in just that short time. Hope to see you soon and thanks for the lessons. Elaine Highton

You've really helped me and Kate with or confidence and technique, thanks for believing in us - we are indebted to you - I hope you know that so don't forget it. One of my friends saw you at the event at the Town Hall and she was so inspired - she thought you were out of this world. I wished I'd seen it. Maureen Pemberton Dancer/Teacher

Hi Ishtar, thanks again for yesterday. I did feel much more positive at work today, and approached certain things and people from a slightly different perspective, so I hope I will remember some of the quotations and the useful and revealing things you and some of the other wise and generous women said. Love, Anne. (talking about the Warrior Goddess workshop)

'It's no exaggeration to say that Paula Ishtar has completely changed my life - dancing was something I did a few times a year at parties and on the odd night out from work - not any more. My health, confidence and attitudes have been transformed through Arabic dance and the excellent teaching and support Ishtar has given me. As a manager of a community resource centre, I was also keen to share my positive experiences with other women - I have seen lasting benefits amongst the women I come in to contact with from easing depression to weight loss and a sense of freedom. I would recommend Ishtar's classes to anyone and often do.' Jennifer Naylor Leasowe Trust


Hi ishtar, sorry i didnt get a chance to say bye to you last night and i just wanted to thank you for the last ten weeks, i really enjoyed the classes and had a great night last night, THANK YOU, !! If you can would you mind letting me know when the next classes start,as I am looking really forward untill they start again. Take care, sharon

Ishtar BellydanceHello Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed last night and to thank you for organising it. It made me feel very inspired to continue dancing and very priveliged to be amongst such a talented group of people who (for once in a dancing community!!) only give others good vibes and admiration. If more women took part in something that made them feel so good there wouldn't be as many women with self-esteem problems in the world!!! Thanks again. See you monday Andrea Fisher.


To my goddess friend, Ishtar... I wanted to write a few words to let you know how glad I am that we finally met, thanks to the introductions from Glyn. You have become not only my favourite client(!), but also a true friend and a real inspiration to me as a woman in business, and as a woman in general. You are so hugely generous, warm, entertaining, honest and thoughtful as a friend, inventive and exciting as a client, inspirational and empowering as a teacher. Your positive qualities are too numerous to list; you are truly unique and FABULOUS! Kerry Rickarby Web Designer

 Thanks for changing my life and caring enough to do the same for me and many others. Jen.

I'd just like to let you know how much Jackie and I enjoyed your workshop at the Talbot in Stourbridge last Sunday. You are a very generous teacher, and a very warm and giving person who makes everyone feel like you really want them to do well. I also love your down to earth attitude! Love, Dianne

Peace to you all, Thank you all very much for allowing me to take part in tonight. fantastic evening as usual. Miriam was very happy. Fiazer al -Asaisy (talking about Club Orientation Nights)

Dear Ishtar, I have looked with great enjoyment at your website over the last four years, and have laughed and been moved to tears by your insights, experiences and various adventures, especially the Pubegate files! I love the way you write and when I was stuck in the middle of the countryside in rural South Devon (which is where I've been living until recently) your bawdy humour, big heart and greater perspective got me through many a boring night, and reminded me of all that I love about Liverpool and the Northern people! (Although the Pubegate saga reminded me of a few things I don't like so much, I might add! ) I tried and failed to find a bellydancing teacher as dedicated, passionate, loving and spirited as you are, and am absolutely thrilled to say that I am now living in the Northwest and would love to come to one of your classes. With love, Amanda Tietavainen XXI feel privileged to have such a wonderfully talented teacher, not just in terms of your dancing, but in teaching us about life, and anyone who does not embrace this is severely losing out. You serve as an example to us all as a strong, confident woman, and a caring and beautiful human being. Meryl

Hi thanks again for a fantastic night every one lloved it .best wishes from us at Eton Place.

Thanks for giving me so much fun and pleasure and confidence in myself we all miss you. Thanks for making me feel good about myself. Genuine thank you for everything, I am a goddess!  

I think everybody really enjoyed the happiness event. Thanks very much for your part in making it a success. Will certainly ask you again if we do something similar.

Hello from Millfields! Just wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful day. Everyone had a great time trying out dance moves and putting them together into sequences. We were impressed with the way you were able to adapt your delivery from the very young Reception children to the older juniors, not always an easy thing to do but you reached all of them. Everyone is still buzzing with ideas.  

Ishtar reminds us of the importance and value of goddess and nature-based indigenous religious traditions which have characterized the majority of human history and civilizations from the Paleolithic to the present. Drawing on artifacts of both ancient and more modern nature and goddess traditions, Ishtar gently and respectfully challenges some of the harmful paradigms and assumptions underlying major religions of the Western world. In her capacities as artist and healer, Ishtar is able to raise our awareness on multiple levels of what we in the modern West have often lost sight of in our own history and ancestral sacred stories--the affirmation that human beings are part of a much larger Self-encompassing all of life, Mother Earth, and the cosmos as a whole. Professor Stephen Potthoff   CIncinatti USA  

Thank you so much for making our party so special you were fabulous, Heather Jane and all the people present.  

Hi Ishtar and Happy New Year. Is it last Tuesday of the month it (Bellydance Class) starts? Let me know. I'm so glad you have lots of interest, everyone I speak to who has met with you say how lovely you are so you deserve it! See ya soon,

Hi Ishtar, Thanks for your email, yes it was the most enjoyable night during my Liverpool nights. Thank you again for inviting me, it was great and I'll never forget the nice and lovely people in the gig and your good friends as well, pass my love to all of them please. Tell you what! All the Kurdish people here in Liverpool talk about the gig and you they complained to me because I did not tell to everybody to come to the gig ,so they asked me to do it again for them. We will talk about it if you would like to do it again. Take care, see you soon Love, Gaylan Musician/Theatre Director  
Siya Sabir  (filmmaker) Paul

"Ishtar gave a fabulous performance, as always. She embodies, 'I am woman, hear me roar!'" Helen Murphy. Chairperson Merseyside Pagans

I can honestly say that your class has re-ignited my enthusiasm for belly dancing again, and doing  wonders for my waistline too lol.  Shirley Caldwell

Your classes are so joyful and happy - there's not a moment when  we stand there feeling bored, or alternatively, under too much pressure. You challenge us but at the same time give so much encouragement that  it's easy to go out of our "comfort zone" without feeling awkward.  I love  your classes, you're one in a million. Love  Janey

'You are World Class' Maureen Pemberton Dancer/Teacher

Thanks again for coming to the Hafla and the beautiful performance :)   Love Rachelxxx (N Wales dance teacher)

Arabesque Bellydance DVD Reviews

Belly dance and exotic eastern moves...

Keep fit, have fun, stay youthful, look and feel amazing with Ishtar - Read more...

Arabesque Bellydance DVD - Available to buy online now!


Ishtar ...Ishtar takes you through a variety of bellydance moves and exotic moves to tone you up and bring out your inner Goddess!
Slimmer Healthier Fitter
Feb 2005

Creative Women's Network UK
Ishtar's video; Belly dance and exotic eastern moves.
"A superb video - I thoroughly recommend it."
Jane Reid, Creative Women's Network UK.
Ishtar features on

Habbibi on-line USA - DVD Review
By Ann "Roxann" Sabin - Editor

Ishtar Arabesque is a dance video marketed to the beginner; as her first instructional video, Ishtar's efforts are commendable. The video begins well, with an interesting dance montage. Along with covering overall physical fitness and well being, the introductory voice over talks about a Goddess aspect of belly dance, which is clearly important to Ishtar. Technically, overall production is good in this video. Ishtar is clearly visible in all sections; there is no back to the camera obscuring our view of the moves.

Hi Darling!!!! How are you doing? I recommended your video to my students last week... yours is the only one that I will mention!
Suzi French
Professional dancer/teacher/dance holiday facilitator

Ishtar Hi Ishtar,
I recently ordered your DVD because I had heard that belly dancing was helpful to people with IBS. I am really enjoying working with it and am amazed at how good it makes me feel as a woman, as well as helping with my digestive problems. I am sure you are aware that a lot of anger can be stored in the hips, I have found that after just a few sessions I have more freedom in my hips than I have had for a while, despite tai chi & folk dancing, and I feel much more centred and relaxed. My husband would like to thank you because belly dancing has made me feel a lot sexier! I am looking forward to your next DVD, keep up the good work Love & Light

Hi Ishtar,
…Your video is much more varied than the video I have seen before by another instructor. In this other one she only goes through a couple of moves, which are quite basic. The moves you include can be accessed by complete beginners or women with some experience of belly dance, this will also allow people to progress and improve using the same tape.
Your delivery was much warmer and communicated your genuine passion and dedication to the dance. Including the Arabic also showed your reverence for the dance as it indicated respect of where belly dancing came from. The other video I have seen doesn't have the same feeling as yours, it is quite cold and I think it is an more like exercise video for areobics, just describing a series of moves in a very matter of fact way. Yours was more entertaining, inspiring and motivational.
Take care!
(learning mentor/dancer)

Ishtar Hi Ishtar,
I finally got to see your video. It is really well done and thought out. It has quite a mystical atmosphere - kind of priestess - the section with your hands, against that gold disk - you look quite ancient Egyptian; it actually sent shivers down my spine, honestly I'm not joking! That's something I've not seen in a lot of other videos - the music is very, very haunting - I could not get it out of my brain. The moves are clear and it was great to show both back and front - an original idea too. Quite a lot of moves I hadn't seen before, which is excellent.
Maureen Pemberton
Dancer/teacher/dance writer

Hi Ishtar!
Just want to let you know that I have finished reviewing your DVD, and the review has gone out in the Habibi Online (formerly DiscoverBellyDance) Review ezine. The more I watched your video, the more I gleaned from it. Thank you for the opportunity to view it. A piece that I just couldn't work into the review, but I want you to know, is that more than one person commented on how soothing your voice is, easy to hear and take instruction from. Good luck, and again thank you for the opportunity.
Habibi Online

Ishtar My DVD has put me in touch with amazing possibilities, Arabesque is not just the beautiful ways you can move your body, but how you can express yourself in every way,

Thank you for your video. Great costumes and very professional!. Looking forward to starting your classes again.
(Dance student)

Ishtar Hi Ishtar
Just writing to say I received the video this morning. It's brilliant! Will have to practice hard to get to do some of the moves but I'll enjoy having a go. Another question for you, do you give individual lessons?

As someone who has stumbled upon Ishtar's classes by accident, and quite literally been transformed by them, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to continue those benefits at home. Ishtar's video is inspiring, comprehensive and very beautiful. It is a very welcome reference for my dancing and spiritual growth.
Love and thanks,
Sue Comaish
(Arabic dance night promoter)

Ishtar I got the video today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you - 1000 X thank you!!! my feelings come through the movement.......
Now when I saw I your video and all this movements, it was like: - Wow! Exactly how I was doing it based on my feeling. It's like all this movements are coming out so naturally.
I like your energy very much. You look very pretty when you dance, and it looks like you have no bones :-) I like the easieness of your movement.
I bless you with highest Love, Light & Warmness.
Thank you once again!

Ishtar I watched the video yesterday and think it is absolutely brilliant! You look wonderful and you are teaching some excellent stuff.
Visit the website at

Mosaic (summer 2004)

Arabesque Bellydance DVD

I cannot recommend highly enough Ishtar's recently released instructional bellydance video 'Arabesque'. It has the lot: Style, content, variety, warm-up/down and excellent production values. It fully explains Arabesque, a unique dance style developed by Ishtar incorporating aspects of yoga, zarr, Goddess spirituality and low impact aerobics making it ideal for any size, shape or age of women.

Exquisitely shot with some breathtaking effects and graphics, it never however loses sight of its primary aim which is to instruct in the art and benefits of belly dancing. This Ishtar achieves in a very open, friendly and lively manner actively encouraging others to fully express themselves by developing their own personal style.

As well as clear and simple instructions on all the usual moves, she has also included sections covering a wide variety of travelling steps, turning techniques and head and neck movements; something sorely lacking in most instructional videos. Regarding the travelling steps, Ishtar has utilized an innovative split screen device whereby both back and front views of said steps can be viewed simultaneously making it so much easier and quicker to grasp the moves in question. Now that's what I call useful!

Her section on hand and arm work is the best I've yet seen. Ishtar's highly expressive hand and arm movements are quite simply beautiful; there's no other way to describe them. See them and weep! Other sections include basic floor work and combining moves effectively. Plus, at the end of all this little lot (phew!), there's an excellent warm-down; which is something I've yet to come across on other videos.

Looking stunning in an wide array of costumes ranging from the modern to the traditional, from the sexy and sassy through to the chic and sophisticated (on one cossie think Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' meets the Casbar) Ishtar's video will provide plenty of inspiration and ideas for both the novice and advanced student alike.
The overall feel of the video is lively, funky and cheeky yet serious about the very real health benefits to be derived from belly dancing which Ishtar puts over in a very committed and professional way.
Sandra Harvey

Ishtar Working as a professional counsellor I have found Ishtar's style of belly dancing to be beneficial for women who experience low self-esteem, lack of confidence and who are generally feeling despondent.
I have seen the techniques used in such a way that women on completing a session or a course of classes have improved greatly in confidence and stature. The moves connect women with their bodies, the patient and confident approach of Ishtar encourages women to express themselves at their own pace. This empathic, non-judgemental approach offers a climate for growth.
Viewing the video I believe women can get all the benefits from attending class. The video is exciting, fun and easy to follow, and I recommend it to all women.
Litsa Andreas
(Professional councillor/women's spirituality expert and teacher.)
BA, MA, PgDip Couns.

Ishtar The DVD arrived yesterday, watched it twice already, love it!! You've obviously put a lot of thought and effort into making it such a professional production, the music is good and the costumes very glamorous and your dancing is beautiful, and if I'm allowed to say, very sexy, (sorry but I am a man after all!) The spoken Arabic is a nice touch as well, could be useful to me.
Anyway, really great DVD and I hope any new video projects are out asap!
Take care

Belly dancing has many stereotyped misconceptions, it is often suggested that it is just an eastern dance. This video assists in the cultural embracing of a dance form developed in the Middle East, but is now accessible to women of all types and nationalities.
I have been lucky to have been brought up with traditional middle eastern dance and belly dance. Ishtar's video shows step by step, in very practical ways how to belly dance. You can practise in your own home, so you feel a sense of control and privacy. Many Muslim women like dancing, but prefer to do so only in the company of other women. Many western people don't realise that a lot of Arab women dance to entertain each other.
I believe Ishtar can teach women the art of bellydance.
Fiaza Alsasy
(Arabic support worker and community activist)

Ishtar I have been brought up with Arab dance and culture. but also love black music and dancing in particular RnB. Ishtar's video has some great moves some of which are on some recent RnB dance routines. The tuition is very straight forward and easy to follow.
The main thing is I learnt to belly dance. I can't wait to show off my moves to my female friends and at the next Arab wedding. Thanks Ishtar!
Ibby Alsasy
(School student)

It's no exaggeration to say that Paula Ishtar has completely changed my life - dancing was something I did a few times a year at parties and on the odd night out from work - not any more. My health, confidence and attitudes have been transformed through Arabic dance and the excellent teaching and support Ishtar has given me. As a Manager of a community resource centre, I was also keen to share my positive experiences with other women - I have seen lasting benefits amongst the women I come in to contact with from easing depression to weight loss and a sense of freedom. I would recommend Ishtar's classes to anyone and often do.
Jennifer Naylor
Leasowe Trust

Ishtar Thank you so much for your video. Your body and dance is such a sumptious banquet of sensuality. You are the apothesis of female sexuality in your art. Thank you so much, Ishtar and let a myriad kisses caress your delicate soft flesh.
Feast on with delighted eyes,

Hi Ishtar
I love your website - very colorful and informative. Yes - I love your dvd - very creative - I can tell you put a lot of work into making it!
It's great that you introduce everything in a ME language - I don't know what it is - but it is still great.
You are very sexy and your teaching voice is very soothing and its great you keep changing outfits so new dancers get the idea about variety
I love the way everyone teaches this dance so differently, I wish I could come to your class. I teach so many classes myself - sometimes I miss being a student. The dvd's we all make are great tools. I never thought I would end up being a dvd dancer - but who could predict such a thing?
Thanks very much
(United states)

Ishtar The video is fab and made me feel very inspired. You are so spiritual and it seems rare to find this in people.

My personal favourite is Ishtar's Arabesque Belly Dance & Exotic Eastern Moves*
It's a presentation of belly dancing and exotic Eastern dance moves for fitness and fun. Don't try any of the moves after eating a big pizza though, or they'll be trouble.
* love your work
BellaOnline Forums: Favorite Bellydance DVD's

Dear Ishtar
I am emailing to tell you how much I have enjoyed watching and practising your Arabesque video. I thoroughly enjoy doing all the moves and find it really helpful in my bellydancing. I really like your good humoured approach ,I like the cool down at the end of the video it was fantastic. You are the only belly dancer i have seen so far, to teach undulations and break it down and spend some time on it. It has helped me a lot!! Id like to attend one of your workshops if I can so I am going to subscribe to information from
Thank you Ishtar, keep up your good work
Best Wishes

Ishtar Hi Paula
I was feeling particularly homesick at the time, so hearing your Liverpool accent really cheered me up, and I enjoyed your video so much that I felt inspired to write and tell you!!!! The video was very professionally done, with lovely background scenery and music. And you..well you are absolutely gorgeous and a mesmeric do you dance so beautifully in high heels!!