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Belly dance a dance for men?

Tsifteteli Greek Belly Dance

The Zaar a healing dance.

Sacred belly dance - Belly dance is an ancient form of dance, prayer and meditation. Historical , anthropological and spiritual analysis.

Khaleegy a dance of celebration 

Sacred Snake dance 

Guedra a healing dance

Sufism a short description

The Sexual Politics of Bellydance

Tantra of belly dance . 

You can take my picture, but you can’t take my soul. Belly dance and film; a feminist critique

The Herstory of Belly Dance 

Belly dance,- how it is a mind -body- spirit Therapy ?

Going to the Roots of Tribal Belly Dance 

Dance and the World Dances with you

Christian Bellydancer Belly dance is not necessarily a dance form performed in just Islamic cultures.

The diverse origins and forms of Bellydance Belly dance has lots of styles and forms, but where do they all come from ?

Electric Bellydancer A philosophical look at a futuristic interpretation of an ancient art.

Minoan Dance: an archeology of movement. The Minoans were a fascinating people , who used dance as a from of worship.

The Myth of Ishtar in Performance For thousands of years the myth of Ishtar has been danced. Ancient cultures to famous dancers like Ruth st Dennis have decribed this myth through dance.

The Vexed Question of Costuming Belly dancers wear lots of types of costumes. are any of them the 'right' ones?

Tribal Dance: A rose by any other name... What is Tribal belly dance?Is it an 'ethnic' dance or a western take on Eastern dance.

 Ten Weirdest Bellydance Gigs