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Cincinnati Radio Interview

Recently, Ishtar was interviewed on Cinncinati radio as part of a tour of lectures and performances in Ohio USA in which she explains her ethos.

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The following are reviews, relating to Ishtar's tour, from US academics:

I had the distinct pleasure of attending both a lecture and a performance by the Liverpool-based artist, Ishtar. Ishtar's lecture was an insightful and nonthreatening primer on goddess religion. Her knowledge and magnetism quickly drew in the predominantly Christian audience at this Ohio college. Ishtar wove history, myth, her personal beliefs, and the writing of Marx and Engles into a comprehensive critique of the status quo-all the while never alienating but thoroughly captivating the listeners.

Her performance the following night was as enjoyable as her lecture. Slides of historical artwork depicting various female deities cycled on a screen to one side as Middle Eastern music floated through the darkened room. Finally Ishtar arrived and began a very high-energy show of dancing, singing, and good-natured teasing of the crowd. It was an unforgettable evening.

Professor Tony Talbot


Ishtar reminds us of the importance and value of goddess and nature-based indigenous religious traditions which have characterized the majority of human history and civilizations from the Paleolithic to the present. Drawing on artifacts of both ancient and more modern nature and goddess traditions, Ishtar gently and respectfully challenges some of the harmful paradigms and assumptions underlying major religions of the Western world.

In her capacities as artist and healer, Ishtar is able to raise our awareness on multiple levels of what we in the modern West have often lost sight of in our own history and ancestral sacred stories--the affirmation that human beings are part of a much larger Self encompassing all of life, Mother Earth, and the cosmos as a whole.

Professor Stephen Potthoff


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