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Articles: Anthropology

This section houses a selection of articles written by Ishtar and guest writers relating to Anthropology, distant past to present and on to the future...

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Minoan Dance
Minoan Dance: Channeling the Goddess
 an archeology of movement. The Minoans were a fascinating people , who used dance as a form of worship.





The strange Goddess StatuesSumerian after life -A look at the Sumerian version of hell , perhaps it represents the ego death necessary to propel us towards the spiritual recognition of the one .






 Touareg Woman

Touareg Mythology and Matrilineal Society . A very interesting desert culture that holds women in high esteem. Dance and spirituality are very important to these nomadic people.


 helicopter over sunset

The Army in the Southwest An anthropological perspective.


 Goddess Statue

Beyond a Technology vs Nature Society   Why do some people argue for or against technology? Nature and technology can co-exist , technology has the potential to be spiritual.


Lessons in Sustainable Economic Development and Service on the Dine (Navajo) Nation A look at native American culture and  optimistic ideas for their economy .


 romany dance

What it means to be a Roma Gypsy A detailed study of the Romany culture .Its origins, beliefs and the discrimination that they face.


 ishtar shaman

The Rise of the Urban Shaman
 Do we need to be in the country side to be a Shaman? Are there a new breed of urban shamans?