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Articles: Goddess

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This section houses a selection of articles written by Ishtar and guest writers relating to the Goddess, her many forms, her effect on society and how we can channel her in everyday situations for our benefit...

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Sheela Na GigA-z Of Goddesses  Descriptions of popular multi cultural goddesses.



 Ishtar Flare

Living out the Gods and Goddesses How can we connect with deities so they can positively influence us?


 Ishtar Gold Statue

Sacred Whore The temples of Ishtar contained sacred prostitutes. We are conditioned to find sex especially prostitution as anti-spiritual. How true is this?



The Goddesses of Belly Dance A list of Goddesses who are connected to Belly dance.


Who is the Goddess?
 We can connect with to Goddess regardless of our religion , or even if we have no religion. But who or what is the Goddess



Tantra of belly dance .




Golden GoddessThe death of the Goddess under exploitative economic, religious and patriarchal systems and the need for her resurrection In the early days of human history the divine creator was perceived as female and the natural environment as sacred. In the present ecological and political climate do we need to  revisit early religious ideas?

 minoan dance

Minoan Dance: Channeling the Goddess an archeology of movement. The Minoans where a fascinating people , who used dance as a from of worship.


goddess statue

Beyond a Technology vs Nature Society Why do some people argue for or against technology? Nature and technology can co exist , technology has the potential to be spiritual.

 Ishtar 3rd eye

Ishtar's Fun Goddess Archetypes Quiz Find out your own personal Goddess archetype with this quiz.


 Ishtar Louvre

The Myth of Ishtar in Performance For thousands of years the myth of Ishtar has been danced , from ancient cultures to famous dancers like Ruth st Dennis.

Performing a blessing way A beautiful description of a ceremony for pregnant women to bless labour, the baby and the experience of new motherhood.

Tawerte Statue