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Articles: Spirituality and Shamanism

This section houses a selection of articles written by Ishtar and guest writers relating to Spirituality and Shamanism, past, present and future, many with a goddess inspired theme...

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Ishtar Shaman
The Rise of the Urban Shaman
    Do we need to be in the countryside to be a Shaman? Are thier a new breed of urban shamans?


Judge less thou be judged ,- and enter a world of miracles. When we judge we separate, ultimately our judgements are a reflection of the negative ways we categorize ourselves and others.


The strange Goddess StatuesSumerian after life -A look at the Sumerian version of hell , perhaps it represents the ego death neccarsary to propel us towards the spiritual recognition of the one .


bast gold statue

 Connecting to the divine animal archetypes  We all have at least one power animal, rather than residing our animal nature we should embrace it as source of deep primal energy.




 Tantra of belly dance . The objective of Tantra and spiritual belly dance are similar....





 goddess statue

Beyond a Technology vs Nature Society Why do some people argue for or against technology? Nature and technology can co exist , technology has the potential to be spiritual.


Ecstasy: the path to the Soul
 mainstream religions seem scared of ecstatic states of consciousness. Are these a way to find the inner self?

 The secrets of the bible The bible is interpreted through the lens of the cultural predudice of those who did the interpreting. What is the real spiritual message of the Christian bible?



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Living out the Gods and Goddesses How can we connect with deities so they can positively influence us?


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The Myth of Ishtar in Performance For thousands of years the myth of Ishtar has been danced , from ancient cultures to famous dancers like Ruth st Dennis.


The Past in Context  the Public and their Ancestors, an Archaeological Perspective



 morning star


Tantra: A Brief Explanation/Introduction  What is tantra? Is is just about sex?



 Performing a blessing way   Beautiful description of a ceremony for pregnant women to bless labour, the baby and the experience of new motherhood.

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