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2800 Days
2800 that’s how long to stop the waves
To stop the heat to stop the warm
To stop the dying of what as lasted long
Green house gasses on the rise
Cloudy future thunderous sky
Time to change and start again
Make the earth whole again
2800 days until the no return point
When what we do will have no effect
No crying or sorry will change that then
Got to act now to make amends
To clean the air, water and earth
Make a future for our children some worth
The world is not owned just loaned for a time
The span of a life it’s not just for mankind
Do you think you have little chance?
Recycling the paper recycle your grass
Every little helps the cause and changes the course
That the planet is on
2800 days not long at all
100 months to hold up the cause.
By Alan ,inspired by a Club Orientation evening.