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My Dying Light

At last you’ve succumb to me,
Release yourself from the chains of your life,
Spirit of the Night, walk with me,
Walk through the Gold and Silver,
Hear the bells chime our pathway.

Allow yourself to be free in this music,
Become one with yourself, giving in to the Goddess’ dance,
Bewilder your Soul with the perplexing compositions,
Melodic paradoxes of twisted freedom and uncovered truths,
Let the sight of the Silver Disk ignite your phallicy.

Let the Law of Nature, Wisdom of Avalon, Tales of Eden -
Incite your sense to dance in Ancient Circles,
Circles that never end; but halt if you should restrain to
Ley your life on the Lines of the Universe,
Taste the moon, light a star, seed the Sun.

I invite you to come with me, to leave this realm…