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Gothic Goddess Ishtar
1 September 2008

For Ishtar in the UK

sulptured limbs reminicent of Innana of Sumer
temple donned smile frames Gothic Goddess Ishtar
moonlight glazed her skin with lumnious light
Ravens feathered her hair dark as night
Sacred earth caverns coughed up rich, red rubies for lips
graceful snake-like arms moves to the gothic beat
high heeled buttoned boots
vampire black leather clings
hidden belly coins ring
veiled khol eyes stare
charcoal hair swings, perfumes the air
blazing lips, strong thighs,
sensuous looks, sudden sighs
silvery song, drifts in the midnight tide
bringing stories of her many past lives
Goddess Ishtar,from forgotten eons ago
Innana-Ishtar Goddess of love and war
comes through the star gate of atlantis
dressed in dark leather and pale moonlight
you have come to sing in and dance in
the great Golden Age!