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Endorsements for the sacred sites trips


Thank you for a very atmospheric and unique experience yesterday, Carol Ann Johnson

It was a really good day; special places shared with lovely people xx Lesley FlowerdayMystery

Have just returned from a one day sacred sites tour of North Wales. What a wondrous adventure this was.The leaders of the trip were a great team. The couple running had diverse  personalities. The beautiful woman playing the dedicated hostess and leading meditations whilst her partner was the brains behind the operation. This man grew up in this stunning area of Wales, therefore giving him knowledge of the whereabouts of the sites only a local would have.……We had all found a stone at a previous site and sent intentions of positive light and love into the pebbles before throwing them into the well to help us manifest our desires and heal any past negative emotions. This was a profound end to a magical day which I feel honoured to have been able to partake in. Jessica

Would like to say a big thank you to Ishtar and Pete for a fantastic day in Wales. I really enjoyed both the spiritual and historical experience. Was lovely to spend the day with such a wonderful group of people. xXxH ayley Crotty Cunningham

Thankyou so very much for a magical day in Wales. The knowledge that Pete brings and the spirituality that Ishtar  and the company ofFifi  brings is the perfect balance when visiting the sacred sites. It was a lovely group of people and felt honored to be a part of the group  I can highly recommend going on one of these special days XxX Julie Frost (Chakra doodles)Your Guide

Ishtar  peter and not forgetting the beautiful Fee led us around some of the most magical, historical and ancient sites of Wales. Wow! What a powerful place. ……..We had the privilege to go inside the tomb itself and touch the stones. Ishtar conducted a group meditation inside the chamber and we could all feel the buzzing energy and magical spirit of this place. It was truly an unforgettable experience I will never forget. 


Ishtar conducted a private meditation and chant within the tomb and many of us had visions and could feel a real connection with our ancient ancestors. Something that will stay with me forever! 
Ishtar and Peter told us stories of the past and I could really visualise the people long gone. This tour cleansed my soul and has left me feeling energised and I'm so happy to have met such great spiritual people.

After a lovely picnic lunch sitting on the hill side looking out to sea we then went to visit the sacred lake Llyn Cerrig Bach (100AD-300BC). This amazing place was accidentally discovered when digging for peat. A treasure of many artifacts were found dating over a time span of 300 years. 

Swords, spearheads, wheels from chariots and many other historical items. This lake was used to make sacred offerings and is the single most important sight of this type in Britain. Absolutely stunning! . Ishtar asked us to bless our stones with joy and happiness as we cast them into these sacred waters. 
What a perfect end to a perfect day!Thanks to Ishtar, Peter and everyone else I met yesterday. It was truly magical .
Zarah Elliott