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 Personal statement.
I have a lot of positive ideas I like to express. I choose to live in a creative, ever evolving universe. I see no discrepancy between the spiritual and the sensual world.
 I wish to use my talents to improve my own and the lives of others. My desire is  to sooth and uplift ,but recognize  healing must begin with me. I see the circumstances of my life being created moment by moment by my multidimensional self. My life is co-choreographed by me and the Goddess/universe. I try to take responsibility and envision and create my life in the best possible way I can.
My work as a creative person is a synthesis formed from my interests in dance , psychology, spirituality, religion, art and the natural world. For me dance can  express all these things.
I love to  dance because I feel it is healing and nurturing, both for myself, my students and my audience. Belly dance has brought me into contact with so many people and brought me so much fun, as well as personal and physical challenges. Through teaching dance I have been given  opportunities to empower others .
I have been interested in Goddess philosophy since I was a teenager. Goddess philosophy resonates with my desire and belief in equality, inclusion and holism. Goddess spirituality aims to bring back to humanity the receptive qualities of the feminine. Potentials such as compassion, healing, awareness of the collective, nurturing impulses, emotional stability and personal responsibility come under the umbrella of goddess influence.  Since prehistoric times Goddesses have been associated with love, fertility, nurture, nature, life, death, the earth and the other dimensions of reality.
As a spiritual template Goddess spirituality apeals to me because it  has no scriptures, doctrines or rules.   Goddess energy is expressed through creativity, dance , positive relationships, ceremony, connecting with nature  and  our own personal  divinity.
Many monotheistic religions today focus on God, the patriarchal  all powerful judgmental  Father. Goddess Spirituality aims to bring out the female in the male/female dichotomy. The male aspect dominates our world, which has been good for technological evolution. However in most modern cultures the caring and oneness element of the human psyche is undervalued. It is useful and necessary to view  God the Mother as well as God the father.

Goddess Spirituality is open to all faiths and works alongside many belief systems. The Goddess  is known by many names and faces and emanates from many traditions. She comes into your life as an addition to any other religious or spiritual ideas that you hold dear. She comes to enhance who we  already are and open a new way that is more productive and abundant ..Her essence is healing. She heals body, mind and planet,- allowing true freedom of expression She heals with wisdom, with love, with the embodied self with humor and with the powerful light of spirit The great gift of the Goddess is to be able to wield all the powers of the Universe to create and evolve consciousness. From this ability comes the power to heal and transform .
The Goddess or the Great Mother is within all existence. She lives in the tiny atoms and the massive galaxies she is the entity that weaves us  together as one.
My message is; You are a Goddess/God You have the power to be yourself, your body is sacred and beautiful. Through divine movement and beautiful thoughts, you can transcend  mundane  existence .