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Little Supple and Edmund -My romantic grandparents, world champion dancers, and performers


She taught me my first dance moves. She was a world champion dancer who was part North African. She developed a technique which involved her jumping onto a glass stage and dancing. She was much in demand from the music halls and theatres of her day and often had queues of fans outside her dressing room. She ran her own dance school. 

When my grandad walked in for lessons she instantly fell in love with him because he looked so much like her idol Fred Astaire. They eventually became a dance duo till family life forced her to retire.

If you are born to dance it can be hard to stop. My Dad told me a sad story about her. Apparently, when she was around forty she took all her costumes and posters into the garden and burnt them. I wish she would have realised that even though I had not been born yet,I would have been glad to have them. A psychic who knew nothing of about me or  my family background said she could see a woman fitting Little Supple's description dancing next to me and helping me. My grandad died before I was  born, but I feel his energy helping me too. They are dancing in heaven together now forever young, beautiful and in love x