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Dance Philosophy

In dance I want to express who I am, my emotions and how the music is moving me. I am inspired by many dancers, however,it is important to me that I express my own truth and personality through dance. 

The classical silver screen Egyptian  dancers who inspire and uplift me are -Fifi Abdou ,Namia Kaef, Katy,Souhier Zaki  and  Samia Gamal. and Tahica Carioca . (and more!) These amazing and beautiful women  all had the confidence , skill, imagination  and strength of character to dance their own distinctive style. I also love dancers like Ruth St Dennis, Isadora Duncan and Josephine Baker. These Western women created beautiful and imaginative Eastern fantasy dance pieces, which  served as a cultural  bridge .  praising the east,  while acknowledging the western eyes that are looking.
Modern dancers I love are the Egyptian  dancers,-Fifi Abdou, Dina  and  Randa Kamal These dancers are so full of life and feminine beauty and power. I love the grace and flow of Turkish Gypsy dancer  Didem . I am inspired and admire the  extremely talented American dancers Rachael Brice and Jillina.  I really enjoy the romance and perfection of the dancing of  Fred and Ginger. From the world of Bollywood my favourite is the flawless Maduri Dixit.
 Nature creates everything in a unique fashion. Every person, snow flake leaf and animal is a one off . Bellydance and indeed any art form should be a way to express the beautiful  uniqueness of the individual in a way that can touch and resonate with People.
I have always existed in alternative cultures and worked freelance. Like my family,I am a  bohemian. I strive to authentically reflect my moods and personality through all the things that I do. I mix with very diverse and interesting groups of people who can inspire and uplift me.
It repulses me to be involved with groups who try to force me into a square hole. I feel crushed by those who reel out rules and regulations designed to put a break on individuals  expressing their truth. In any art form one needs the discipline of technique and training to function as tools for beautiful and artful expression. A poet for example, requires an extensive vocabulary to fully express their thoughts and ideas. However poetry like dance should be a direct response to the interpretation of internal and external events by the poet.
 I like to express myself through costume. I like to wear things that are unique , as well as traditional. What feels right to wear for a show/ piece of music and how it will inspire me to move and be, is crucial to the performance.
As a lover of freedom, a libertarian, an idealist and a creator. I can only feel good  around those who don’t impose dogma and authority. Dance for me is a reflection of the  uniqueness of my soul , my love of the divine , self-expression, a space of liberation a way of expressing emotions. I can only do it my way.