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Let the beauty we love be what we do.There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. Rumi  

Ishtar Dance Artist/ Teacher - Biography

  • Ishtar is an experienced artiste and teacher working for diverse communities. She is also a researcher and writer of dance ethnography and spiritual dance.

  • Ishtar teaches and performs belly dance as well as traditional Middle Eastern forms and Bollywood dance, creative Belly Dance and a variety of fusion styles.

  • Ishtar runs workshops and retreats in various countries based on dance, creativity, ritual and divine feminine themes.

  • Ishtar has produced and directed dance theatre pieces and has worked as a choreographer for various events and organisations.

Endorsements-What people are saying about Ishtar

Dance Training:               

Ishtar has been taught by a variety of international Middle Eastern dance teachers. These include, Raquia Hassan, Morocco, Zaza Hassan, Ozgan, Dina, Randa Kamal and others. 
Indian Dance Teachers: include Bisahka Sarka, Kali, Shri Sarka and Veejay and Geeta Kumar.
Traveling to the Middle East and India and experiences at home with these communities, have deepened cultural understanding of Eastern dance.Through this Ishtar has gained a real experience of dance at a grassroots level.
Other Dance:
Flamenco, with various teachers in Granada. As a child; modern, tap and Ballet. As a teenager ballroom and Contemporary. Later adulthood- Contact Improvisation.
Academic Qualifications:
MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology (Dissertation in Spiritual Dance)
2-1 BA Hon's degree in Applied Psychology/Women's Studies
Professional qualifications in Holistic Therapies, Stress Management, and teaching
Insurance /CRB
Insured to teach and perform dance and holds a CRB cert.
Past Clients:
Ishtar has performed at countless events, in many prestigious venues for a diverse range of clients. She has performed at many weddings, corporate and cultural events, children's party’s, hen events and more. Ishtar's clients have included the following:
SkyTV;BBC3:BBC1;ITV: Colleen Rooney;Wirral Change; Halton council; Liverpool Council;St Helens Women’s Aid; The Green Gathering; RSPCA; Sure Start;Ministry Of Defense; Liverpool Museum;various hospitals;Wilmington University USA; Glastonbury Goddess Conference; Liverpool Masons; Army officers; Cosmopolitan Magazine; Homotopia; Liverpool Arabic Arts festival;Wirral Change;Wirral Multi-Cultural Organization; The Green House Project; Newsham park festival; Walton Hall festival;Culture days/weeks in schools,-Including Holly Lodge, Wallasey School and Capenhurst Grange; Liverpool Gay Pride;Toxteth Children's Centre; Wirral Hindu Association and Female Arabic communities in the North West; Holly Oaks and many more.
Teaching Dance:
Ishtar has performed and taught nationally and internationally. She has had her own dance school since 1998, working out of various venues. Instructional DVD and YouTube video hits, (over million views on YouTube channel), means Ishtar can reach out to lots of people and pass on what she has learned.
Ishtar has combined her knowledge of sacred and healing dance with her professional qualifications to provide retreats and workshops and similar events that are based on cooperation and creativity. 
Ishtar has had many TV and media appearances. She has also been featured in national magazines including Cosmopolitan, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Women’s Own.
Other practices:
Ishtar has been a yoga practitioner since the early nineties and has had many teachers. She has also taken classes in other disciplines including Chi Gong, Pilates, Shamanism, meditation.
Other Jobs:
Ishtar was a Psychology teacher for Liverpool Adult Learning and other organizations for twelve years, teaching Psychology (Introduction to 'A' Level).She also has ran various local magazines and had a column in Kerrang magazine.

Ishtar's grandparents were professional, international dancers and had their own school. Ishtar was taught her first dance steps by her grandmother.(Little Supple.) Click to read about her. Ishtar's Dad was an artist. He loved to paint scenes of Arabia and Africa from what he recalled from his journeys at sea.

The support from Ishtar's Mum was important for her dance career, as she helped with her young daughter's care when Ishtar was at University and when she performed at gigs.


She was also the one to pay and organise Ishtar's early dance lessons.  Many other members of her family on both sides are professional entertainers /artists. She has one daughter,'Tara' and is in a long-term relationship with artist, filmmaker and  Permaculturist Peter Rix.

Snake Experience and Dance -Snake Dance/Meet and Greet.

Ishtar dances with her pets  Royal Python's 'Bashar' and Xenia. (Also available  for walk about and meet and greet). 

Other performing skills;
Ishtar has been published on the subject of dance in various journals including 'Mosaic' and 'Gilded Serpent'. Ishtar also has courses published on BSY-, Feminine Spirituality, Shamanism and Psychology of Self. She has articles published in various journals including Prediction, Archeology Review, Kindred Spirit and other hard copy and online magazines.
Other interests and hobbies:
Animals, costume design and construction, film, social science, reading, feminism, mythology, psychology, natural sciences, gardening, art, weird things.