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 Goddess retreat Typical Programme 

Aims and objectives.

Enhance relationships with ones self, encourage self discovery through creative interaction ,ritual and psychological process.   This retreat aims  uplift ,inspire and heal . It is hoped that the program  will lift esteem and  improve communication through the body . The work will release energy blocks, negative self talk and help connection with the higher self.

 Techniques- dance/ meditation/role play/energy stimulation through kundalini and tantric yoga techniques. Archetype channeling.-Goddess and god energy, the law of attraction. Jung mystical marriage, questionnaire, talk’s slide shows.


1.00pm Introductions, Life stories/Negotiated ground rules/socialize /discussion on the areas history/agenda.

2.30pm Talk – Healing Archetypes. A Jungian analysis on the nature of archetypes and their power to heal, inform and uplift. How does this relate to dance? How dance can be a way to heal and empower.

4.00pm  . Healing Bellydance workshop.

6.00pm  Dinner.

7.30 pm Dancing the archetypes-How does different gesture, intent and attitude make us feel different? How does this relate to how we have different roles in life?

8.30pm Guided Goddess meditation.


8.3opm Yoga

9.30pm Breakfast

10.30-12 am Walk- Wood /resource collection for mask making./fire ritual.

Lunch 1-2.00pm

2.-3.00pm ‘ Observing the Masks’ Reflection and investigation into the variety of identities that we each possess.

4,oopm- 6.00pm - Flamenco Workshop Guest local  teacher.

6.00pm –Dinner.

7.00pm-8.00pm  Processional  ritual. Elements from Catholicism, Voodoo and Goddess religions. Led by By professional psychotherapist Bobby.

8-9.00pm   Talk slideshow/ Power point ‘The many faced goddess.’ Discussion.


9.00-9.30pm Yoga

9.30 - 10.0 am Breakfast.

10.45-12.15am. Workshop’-Release the inner goddess’ Goddess archetypes. Mythological Choreographies.

12...30  Lunch.

1.30- -2.30am Dance ritual for health, wealth and abundance

2.30am. 3-30pm Who and what are my archetypes? Investigation using questioning and discussion to find which divine archetype (s.) resonate with your soul.

Writing my life story as I want it to be.

4.00pm – 5pm Bollywood diva

6.30 Dinner

 7.30 pm-8.30pm Make your own clay Goddess.-Ritual making of clay goddess in the Neolithic style. We will individually channel our own unique Goddess and imbue her with her own power with dance and ritual.

900-Late  Performance /party


9. 30am Breakfast

10-1.00am Mask making using (collected) natural and synthetic recourses.

1.00-2.00pm Lunch.

 2.00-5.00pm Trance dance –Middle Eastern consciousness changing and healing dance techniques including Zar, Khaleegy, and Guedra. and Sufi turning. In a changed consciousness state we will attempt to channel from our higher self.

6.00pm -7.oopm Dinner

9.00pm Fire dance .Wearing masks and dancing, inspired by the above.

 Closing ceremony.


Trip to Granada to visit The spa and Alhambra lunch .(if you have not already