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Ishtar’s Goddess Retreat SPRING 2010
Ishtar took us on a Spiritual Trip, through the exploration of the Goddess within us. Surrounded by a mountainous setting in rural Spain, with fantastic catering and the company of good people, we were able to relax and fully connect with the positive energies around us.
With dance workshops ranging from bollywood to flamenco (from a local, guest teacher) to trance work, we experimented and discussed the many aspects of healing, dance can have on us. We learnt about, not only the history of dance, but the influence that the Goddess has had on dance. We then explored this further through a mythological choreography class, which then took on a life of its own! The class influenced our mask making workshop and then progressed into a nightime, Shamanic like performance. Many of the workshops focused on ourselves, our past and our feminine energy. We chanted positive mantras and had time to explore our dreams and start to let them become our reality.
The final day we were treated like and lived like the Goddess that we had discovered we are! A morning in a tranquil Spa, shopping (in what can only be described as the ‘Moroccan Camden Market’), followed by an authentic lunch and a visit to the breathtaking and artistic Alhambra Palace.
I left Spain with (not only a clay Goddess I had created!) a sense of who I am, where I was meant to be going and that I, myself, am a Goddess.
Samantha Triton singer /dancer/entertainer /goddess