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  Goddess Healing and Meditation CD
You are invited to the healing uplifting world of the Goddess. This audio meditation is composed of  special healing sounds and frequencies derived from nature.  She is known by many names and faces, from many traditions and cultures .The goddess is accepting and inclusive .she does not ask you to give up the faith you were born into or your spiritual beliefs. Rather, she comes into your life as an addition to any other religious or  spiritual ideas that you  hold dear. She comes to enhance who you already are and open a new way that is more productive and abundant .
The goddess wants to see your dearest wishes come true. She intends for you to see and know yourself and to heal and enrich the spiritual journey that is your life. Her essence is healing. She heals body, mind, and planet,- allowing true freedom of expression. She heals with wisdom, with love, with the embodied self,  with humor and with the powerful light of spirit.
The great gift of the Goddess is to be able to wield all the powers of the Universe to create and evolve consciousness.
From this ability comes the power to heal and transform.
 This audio program will help you to connect with your inner Goddes
s .Whatever your age gender or sexuality the following guided meditation will help heal, inspire and uplift you, improve your relationships and even life conditions.
You will also be guided to connect to the divinity within and to claim your own sacred feminine power.
The goddess has many faces and expressions that span human culture. We will work with the Goddess energy to empower and affirm our spiritual heritage.

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