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                                                                           East meets West Wedding

Ishtar understands the cultural significance of Bellydance at Middle Eastern events. She can also apply this and make it accessible for none Middle Eastern people. A belly dancer is an ancient symbol of fertility , abundance and an embodiment of a blessing to the union of the couple. 

Incorporating multi-cultural elements to wedding receptions is a growing trend now-a-days. Many couples want to include important cultural elements like Bellydance to educate and include guests in their culture. Some individuals may simply wish to provide something different and special for their big day. Bellydance is very popular in the West now and many people are booking belly dancers for weddings and hen parties.

Belly dance is a traditional wedding entertainment for most Middle Eastern countries, often Indian families will also book a belly dancer / Bollywood dancer(s).

The ancient Egyptians were the first documented society to regard marriage as a Legal relationship, and religious institution. In those days belly dancers would attend the wedding celebrations as they do today. In ancient times the dancer was regarded as an aspect of the divine feminine deity and thought to bring good fortune, blessings and fertility to the newly married couple. In Egypt the ceremony concludes with a wedding procession called the ‘Zaffa,’ The bellydancer wearing a candelabra on her head leads the bride and groom, together with traditional Egyptian music, musicians and family and friends.

Increasingly belly dancers are being booked by those who are not of eastern origin. Some people instinctively know how Bellydance is connected with bringing good luck and blessings to the union.

Ishtar is an authentic, experienced, wedding dancer and provides Belly dancing as a family entertainment, adding glamour, culture and audience participation to weddings and hen parties. (Where participants can learn Bellydance themselves). Creating an atmosphere that everyone will remember and treasure forever.